To date we have seen 4 and have posted very general reviews of the previous 3 and this is the forth. We are happy to report that each of the 5 visiting shemales have provided incredible experiences, exceeding our expectations in a major way. One of the reasons we believe responsible for this is because they really enjoyed themselves and were into it which every one of us clients can appreciate.

our previous experiences have been with some of the legends of this industry so our expectations are perhaps quite high. We were are again happy to announce that we continue being with with someone that meets and exceeds what we hoped to experience thanks to our latest adventure which was with Lola who is from Toronto and is currently visiting. We were struck by her sensual beauty and sweet charm. We prefer not to give details but we can say that there is something very erotic about seeing a hot, well-endowed shemale playing intensely with an equally hot female. Of course its even better when joining in. For those that might have been skeptical, we can confirm that Lola’s equipment matches what is advertised. It’s a gorgeous super size package. Now we would like to think we inspired her enthusiasm but regardless she was totally into it and was the hardest 9 inches we have ever seen shemale or male.

We can sincerely recommend Lola to anyone (especially couples) who want to have a great tg experience.