Lola has been on our radar since that first mind blowing encounter. We (my wife and I) finally got our ducks lined up and I booked a small suite in downtown toronto for Friday night. We had Lola booked for three hours of play. I picked her up at 8 (a class act like her deserves to be treated like a lady) and drove the few minutes to our hotel. After we get into the hotel room my memory of the evening morphs into a collage of passionate embraces, intimate conversations, orgasmic moments, and voyeuristic thrills, to name a few.

The visions that remain imprinted in my mind defy accurate description…

Big Cock ShemaleLola pirouetting in the living room, naked, lean, beautiful, her hard cock defiantly challenging any preconceptions of beauty. We burn with lust for her. I think my wife was first to get her in her mouth. I was a little intimidated to be honest, but when my turn came I went to town… getting her deep in my throat, tears forming in my eyes. Looking up, I see that vision of beauty, hard cock in my mouth, beautiful breasts, captivating face smiling down at me. My wife is encouraging me, (she loves to suck cock and I have learned much from observing her technique), to swallow Lola deeper and I do… I get her all the way down my throat. WOW. At one point my wife starts pushing my head into Lola’s cock, making sure I experience what she experiences when I fuck her mouth. I relinquish control and let the girls have their way with me. This repeats several times throughout the evening.

We spent a lot of time camped out on Lola’s cock in various serpentine positions, lots of lovely deep french kissing, and Lola (did I say she was stunning?) just kept hard all the way. She came twice from our oral ministrations and still that cock refused to rest.

At one point I slipped on a condom and had Lola on her back on the couch, ass over the edge, and slipped my cock into her tight booty. Oh, I had been waiting for this. Lola looks up to me and whispers “you don’t have to be gentle”… God… I bang away with wild abandon, but something tells me I could have gone harder. At one point my wife slips her fingers inside Lola’s ass beside my cock… four of them!

I recall at one point, Lola fisting my wife as I go down on her… my wife squirting (a few times) and catching Lola by surprise… she jumps back, I jump back, my wife keeps squirting, then laughing at our reaction but still cumming… too funny. sorry lola, she gets wet doesn’t she? at least you won’t be so shocked next time.

dipping lola’s cockhead in a glass of champagne and taking turns licking it off… ok, ok, it was mostly me!

my wife is on her back on the edge of the bed and I am inside her, stroking away, Lola sneaks up behind me:

I’m not ready.

don’t worry, I’m just going to stimulate you, I promise

ok, be gentle

I feel her cock, like a steel rod, toying with my ass and then slowly the dull but pleasant pain of her penetrating me.

hey, you lied.

she laughs as she strokes harder into me.

later. still in the bedroom, lola has me on my back and is not so gently filling me with her cock while she slides a dildo in and out of my wife. we are both groaning as this wonderful creature gives us untold pleasures. she fucked me hard for what seemed like a long time until she came for the third time of the evening. she defies description, at times demure, others wanton, always graceful and feminine, and phenomenal stamina.

this girl is a true professional and a wonderful person to know. I could go on and on… but really, all forum members know that Lola is in the stratosphere when it comes to providing this kind of service. we will be return customers, thats for sure, perhaps a date in February to help chase the winter blues.

Thank you Lola, that was great,