My encounter with Lola

There’s lots of reviews of Lola, but I just have to add another.

I saw her pictures on the web, and thought she was really pretty. And she is – the pictures are genuine, as I learned when I arrived at her apartment. We chatted for a bit, and then she had me undressed in no time. We started kissing, and she undressed as we did so. She stroked my cock as we stood. Then she put my hand on her cock.

I gasped when I held it. It’s easily nine inches.

I didn’t go to Lola for her cock. But there I was, and she had me really hot really fast. I didn’t tell her I’m a sub, but she read me very well. In no time I was sitting on the bed with my back against the head board. Lola straddled my chest, and told me to suck her cock. I did as I was told. She held my head while she fucked my mouth, and in less then two minutes, she came with almost no warning. Most went in my mouth, but a lot of her cum landed on my face. She collected her cum with her fingers and fed it to me.

I thought she was going to finish me off with a handjob. Not Lola. She moved me down the bed and around so that my legs were off the bed. As I watched, she slipped a rubber on. She hadn’t gone soft, despite the fact she’d cum. I didn’t know that was possible. She started to go in me, and I had to beg her – I mean really fucking beg her – to stop. She was just too huge and it really hurt. But she told me that she could tell that I wanted to be fucked, and she was going to fuck me. And she was right.

Lola lay down on the bed, and told me to squat over her, explaining that this would be easier for me this way, because I could control the pace. I lowered myself over her cock, and gradually worked the head inside myself. It still hurt, but it was just barely manageable. After a long time, I finally had Lola worked into me all the way. She let me sit there for a while, getting used to her.

Then she moved me onto my back again, into the same position where we’d started. She stood by the bed, her hard cock in me, and now she started to fuck me for real, with quick, deep strokes. I couldn’t believe the way I moaned like a bitch in heat.

She kept me on edge for quite a while, jacking me off to the edge of orgasm, then letting go, until finally she relented when I pleaded with her to let me cum. She fucked me as fast as she could as I came, and it was the strongest orgasm of my life. My balls ached when I was done.

Lola lola lola – you are just incredible.