The lovely Lola was on my TDL and she was in MTL so you do the math hehe. I had only been with 1 t-girl before twice (1 review) and that was Isabelle from Vancouver. I love Asians and Isabelle was awesome both times. She isn’t as big has Lola and that had me very concerned and nervous but I still wanted to give it a go.

Arrangements were made. Get to location and greeted by very beautiful slim Lola in bra and panties. After a lil small talk it did not take long before we started kissing and lots of it too! Clothes came off right after and I got a closer look at her candy and god damn my jaw dropped to the floor and it wasn’t even at full strength LOL.

She told me to play with it a bit and stroke it I did, then she sucked my cock for a lil while. My turn to suck on her cock. I was stressing big time as it got bigger and bigger lol and I kept on asking myself how the fuck is that gonna fit hehe. Then Lola asked me what I wanted to do and I said ur gonna top me!

We started doggy with me on edge of the bed. That didn’t last too long as I couldn’t take her size at first. I was breathing heavily wowiwowi lol Took a couple of mins break then same position but with a lil help from my hands to spread my cheeks lol and in she goes again and this time it was for a while. She did a good mix of gentleness and speed. Damn she pounds good LOL and made me feel very much at ease.

Then we got to rest a bit on the bed and talk. Then she asks me to hop on haha and I was like hmmm why not! So with me on top we go again, take turns as I was going up n down at my rhythm then stood still and let her bang me like there was no tomorrow!

Let me tell you that was one helluva workout! Lola is a Greek goddess. Down to earth kinda girl, good conversation, makes you feel comfortable, in other words IMPECCABLE SERVICE!