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Lola starts sucking my cock then we take turns as I tried my best but couldn’t handle her size. Back she goes on me telling me to grab and pull her, while she moans out. Then totally unexpectedly she quickly moves up to my face and shoots all over me….a first for me. Holy shit she just came twice in a few minutes, WOW! Now it is my turn getting behind her doggie style I easily slip right in as Lola urges me on to fuck her harder but I don’t want to cum like this. So after a short session I want her to fuck me again and let me cum while she is inside me. So her standing before me stroking her cock which by the is still freaking hard, how can that be? Now she quickly goes at me and pulls me closer and deeper in my ass, telling me to fuck her cock. Then she somewhat cries out she is going to cum and cum in my ass which she does. The look of pleasure and lust is too much and soon after she strokes me quickly as I literally explode in one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. She softly starts to lick and suck me as I shudder and pant on the bed. Cleaning up, Lola comes and lies beside me as we kiss, talk about her life and mine like lovers would do.

Then I guess our time was done although I had no idea, she smiles and tells to have a shower and she’ll wait for me. I dress and only then to I offer her the donation which she accepted but never checked the amount, classy lady. A kiss goodbye and a smile and that was me gone. What a session and why did I wait so long??!!